Количество  пациентов на сегодняшную дату
459 человек получили положительный эффект после приема  одного курса напитка, а у 15-х улучшение появилось после приема 2-х курсов листьев Гравиолы, остальные курс еще не закончили

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 Production agricultural products in Thailand

МЕКАО COMPANY is established in April 2005. 


     The company is a diversified enterprise, covering several areas in agriculture, such as forestry, farming, feeds for Aqua culture farms in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and China.   
  Recently, the company is developing active cooperation with the Siberian Academy of Sciences on the effectiveness of traditional Oriental medicine in the treatment of various diseases.   
  The company is a member of the  program of Thailand "GreenHo
use Technology" with the 2006 year.