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    SOURSOP (Graviola)is a evergreen tree height of 5-6 m with large glossy dark green leaves that grow fruits of yellow-green (15-20 cm in diameter), are inside the white flesh is very sweet and juicy.The Soursop tree is most common in Brazil, Peru and the Caribbean countries, but is also grown in the West Indies and Malaysia, Thailand.
    The leaves, fruits, seeds, bark, extract plant can be used in different various. In the tropics are used all the parts of the Soursop tree, receive an extract used to increase milk production in mothers after childbirth, as well as an astringent in diarrhea and dysentery
    In Peru is used as a remedy for worms, as well as for the treatment of diabetes. Indigenous tribes in Guyana use this plant as a means of strengthening the heart.
   Notes that tea from the Soursop kills viruses, stops inflammation, reduces the level of sugar in the blood and causes vomiting in poisoning. The Soursop tree is a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic.
   The tea from Soursop leaves has antimicrobial and antiparasitic
power, regulates blood pressure, antidepressant, helps with stress and nervous disorders.   
   The disease is the accumulation of various negative changes in your body.     Soursop  tea does not cure a specific disease, but causes the entire body back to normal. Soursop tea, eliminates the cause of the disease and that reason for eliminates the disease.
   If after a month of treatment a negative record is still keeping, you should drink the tea once more for a month. For Serious diseases a treatment have to be continued for 4-6 months. It should be enough for body’s vital functions bounces back.
    We offer products of the highest quality and a special selection.
The leaves are grown in particularly favourable climatic conditions of Thailand


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 The basic forms of exposure:  
stimulates digestion, lowers high blood pressure, is indispensable for hypertensive patients, can reduce the frequency of cardiac contractions, increase receptacles, removes uric acid from the body, suffering from gout, supports intestinal microflora in optimal condition, destroys parasites, lowers fevers, has antiviral properties, eliminates skin diseases, reduces excess weight, relieves swelling of the prostate, cleans light (particularly in smokers), cleans and improves liver function. is prophylactic urolithiasis.


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The Tea from the leaves of Soursop:
The most effective way to use leaves of Soursop in curative and preventive purposes is brewing a drink from its leaves. When taking the drink side effects have not been observed. The leaves after boiled can be use for the treatment of skin diseases as well.


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Tea preparation:
Just put the finely chopped leaves in boiling water and boil for 5 minutes.
Then you can drink this tea hot or cold one hour before meal during next 8 hours.


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 Grown and harvest:
     Soursop plantations are located in the clean country setting, away from industrial areas and roads. gravioly cultivation and collection of mature leaves produced under the first safety using all sanitary norms.

Store in a dry place away from sunlight.
Shelf life for 2 years.





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